The Pricing Structure Of Event Venues

While choosing the venue, the cost and the pricing, matter a great deal too. Each venue owner would charge in a different way. There are special pricing structures that are offered to facilitate the clients as per their requirements and needs regarding the venue. Some common pricing structures associated with the venues are as follows:

• Some venues ask for a flat rate that depends upon the duration for which the clients are hiring the right venue. This is called hire free. The price may range from a few tens to thousands per hour. With the rate offered by the venue owners, the clients can get a venue for a few hours or sometimes for a few days. The hire free can cover either just the venue or the services along with it too like the catering, technical essentials, entertainment etc.

• A little different from the hire free is the dry hire. There is little difference between the two but the core difference is that the cost includes only the charges for space. The meatiest is not part of it. The client takes up the responsibility of arranging the menu, décor and other similar arrangements.

• Another popular pricing structure is related to cost per person. In this package per price structure, the venue owners take a decided amount against each person attending the event. It includes the food, refreshments, and the seating area.

• The people getting the venue for the business sessions, official conferences or similar is expected to pay under the day delegate rate. The rules and regulations are very much similar to the pr person packages. The day delegate rate is comparatively higher than the other structures as it gives access to the stationery and other required essentials.

• If you have little to pay then it is better to switch to the minimum spend deal. It is the quality provided by a number of clubs, restaurants and the hotels. There is no upfront required against the payment but it is important that the guests are ready to spend certain time at the venue. It is a great choice to get drinks and food on your own rather than relying on the venue providers. In case you do not meet the minimum spend level then you would have to pay the difference on your own.

• Under certain pricing structures, the client is expected to bring along a certain number of guests as the minimum requirements. Those who want to choose between the minimum spend and the minimum number of guests, it is recommended to go for this option. The only requirement to fulfil is to bring along the required number of minimum guests. In case the requirement is not fulfilled there is some amount that is to be paid.